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In this article, we will know Jimin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend.

Many of you must be well versed with the name “Jimin”, the famous South Korean singer and dancer. Basically he is a star who has an amazing talent for singing and dancing as well. He is a full package of Entertainment. Let us reveal Jimin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend.

Jimin Wiki

Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea. In his family, he has his parents and a younger brother. A sweet and lovely family. He attended  Busan’s  Hodong Elementary School and Yonsan Middle School. He always had a passion for singing and dancing. When he was just a child he attended Just Dance Academy and learned about dancing and popping and singing. He also learned contemporary dancing at Busan High School of Arts and was among the top. He even auditioned in the Big Hit Entertainment and he cleared the audition in 2012. Not only this he even went for further studies at Korean Arts High School and graduated in 2014. And as of now, he is enrolled at Global Cyber University. So it is quite evident that he knows the value of studies and believes in completing his education along with his passion for dancing and singing.

Jimin Career Life

Jimin began his career in the year 2013 and he became a member of BTS and released his debut album named “No More Dream”. He has been in the role of a dancer and vocalist in this album. Not only this, he has released two more albums with BTS. One is  “LIE” and the other is “Serendipity”.  “Lie” was released in the year 2016 in the album Wings. This album reflected dark stunning and dramatic tones and depicted the very essence of the album. “Serendipity” on the other hand was soft, sensual, unraveling the joy and curiosity of love. Both of his albums surpassed a million views and were declared hit by the top critics too. He was praised a lot by his fellow members as well as he got an appreciation for his work when he was on the world tour.  Apart from this in the year 2018, he received fifth class Hwagwan order of cultural merit by the President of South Korea.  Apart from this, he has even collaborated with  Jungkook for his Christmas album, the lyrics of which were composed by him.  His vocals have been described sweet and delicate and he is seen as one of the top dancers of his group. And thus young talented not like to be in the limelight as it is evident from the fact that in the year 2018 he was the ninth most tweeted about celebrity and the eighth-most tweeted about a musician in the world. So this was all about his journey till now and it will go great in the coming times too.

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Jimin Net Worth

Jimin, the South Korean singer has amassed a lot of fan following and has a great journey till now. He has been one of the most talked-about celebrity and therefore his net worth would also be amazing. Jimin net worth is estimated at $8 million. Such a young boy and this much income. This has been only possible because of his love for his work.

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