Iann Dior Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name


Iann Dior Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name

In this article, we’ll come to know about Rapper Iann Dior Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name.
Rapping has become a thing in today’s generation and is considered a symbol of cool and swag in many places. Also it is inspiring the teenage generation to come up with their own music and reach the world with use of words in a very simple manner.

Today we are going to discuss about one such rapper from taxes, he is 19 years old and is currently writing his name in the history textbook among some famous rapping legends. He is Iann Dior. Let’s know about Rapper Iann Dior Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

Iann Dior Wiki

Iann Dior is a new age rapper from the Lone Star State of United States i.e. Texas. He is from Corpus Christi. He goes with the name Michael Olmo in real life and Iann dior as his stage name as it is common between rappers now a days. The Millenial legend was born on March 25, 1999 to Tommo Olmo and Anabelle Olmo.

He too has a sister and the information is still under process and will be updated soon. His love life runs on a low profile track and it’s still unknown that he is single or not, but recently he tweeted about things relevant to love from his twitter account which acted as a catalyst for our curiousness and if any information we found will be updated soon on our website so stay tuned.

Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs too Puertroican ethnicity as his family hail from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He has braided type hairs and like to post generally aesthetic shots on his social media platforms. He has around 50K followers on Instagram. Also has good number of subscribers on you Tube too as well as twitter.



Iann Dior Career Life

The 19 year old Texas boy started taking interest in music at a very early age after getting inspired by various rappers who are ruling the music charts now a days. He got his breakthrough from the songs originally written by him like Molly, Emotions and Romance361 which earned him a very huge fan base and followers and also gave the critics a very hard time in judging his extra-terrestrial music.

He has also been appreciated by various famous personalities and one of them is Faze Clan who is a YouTuber, he appreciated his music and also gave him a shoutout on his channel. His songs and videos are produced by his friend Nick Mira.

The understanding between them can be seen as when Iann released his first song Cut Throat and it was a great hit on every online music streaming platforms and earned around 100k plays in just 4 days. He has released 6 songs so far and they all are making his fans go crazy. His latest release “don’t want to Fall” was very much appreciated by the music community.

Hi pic.twitter.com/ro090r8B3o— sad boy dior 🔮🔮 (@ianndior) March 11, 2019

Iann Dior Net Worth

Since its been only 1 month from the day he released his first song so it would be wrong to give a estimate about his net worth but he is earning quite well as he has given hits back to back. He has future plans for him to make music by collaborating with other talented rappers and release music which is still unheard and hard to guess by the world audience. He makes most of his money from music streams from online music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud. He is also paid royalties on how much views he get on his videos which are uploaded over YouTube.

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