Today we are going to discuss an rapper originated from San Diego and started off his career in his mid-teenage and has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from various singers and also he is known for his different style which he induces in the music which he creates has gained him popularity all around the world. His songs are pretty loud but fill one with the enthusiasm which they are lacking. His name is Killstation. Let’s know more about Rapper Killstation Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, Real Name.

Killstation Wiki

Killstation is a famous rapper from San Diego, California, United States. He was born on 22 July 1997, in San Diego. Apart from his furious stage name in real life, he is acquainted by the name Nolan Santana. The 21-year-old artist was raised by his parents but the information about them is yet not available and will be brought to you soon. The information from where he did his high school and graduation is not yet available as he hasn’t made any information about his education public. He started off his career by experimenting with the hip hop genre and here we see him as the biggest rising artist of today. The information about the artist having siblings is not yet available so, for now, we can assume that he is a single child of his parents. Talking about his personal life so he hasn’t made any information public about whether he is dating someone or not, so we can assume that he is single and is focussing on his career for now.


Killstation career

The 21-year-old rapper started his rapper career by releasing his first song Leave you Guessing. By the release of his first single, he gains fame as well as fans from all around the world. He started by listening to rappers of his age and by getting inspired by them he started writing songs and began releasing them on the platform like SoundCloud, he gained popularity under the name killstation and started releasing songs using Killstation as his moniker. He created his youtube channel in 2016. He has over 170,721 subscribers over his YouTube channel. He has released 9 videos until now. He experiments not only with the hip hop but also with the cover for his songs too like they are pretty scary but cool. He did many solo projects as well as some solo projects too. Sources say that he is coming with a new album titled “Two of us are dying”. He has over 298K Instagram followers and they are increasing gradually parallel to the pace of his growth. Let’s know more about Killstation net worth.

Killstation Net Worth

His net worth in the year 2019 is approximately $800,000 as he has given many hit singles and working way hard. His net worth in the year 2018 is under review and will be updated soon on our site as soon as possible. The sources from where Killstation net worth booms are the gigs which he does periodically. His tie up with various record labels and overall sales of his music. He also gets royalties from the streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and also views which he gets over his YouTube channel. He also gets paid from the advertisement companies who hire him to sponsor their products over the internet through his social media accounts.

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