Rapper Saba Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name


In this article we will know about Rapper Saba Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.
Raps had been one of greatest source of entertainment among the people of world. It was started in late 1980s in some songs but at that time it wasn’t love by people as much people they love today. Rappers have continuously evolved from the 1980s and raps have become more refined and hold power to attract people like JPEGMAFIA  and Tay-K.

So today we are here with one more rapper who is not only new to rapping but has gained huge fame in very short amount of time. He is non other than Saba who had a large impact on his life because of his who was as artist and he used to take Saba to the music studio.

Let us know more about Rapper Saba Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.    

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Rapper Saba Wiki

Tahj Malik Chandler aka Saba is an American rapper who is new in music industry but has gained a lot of fame in very short amount of time. Saba was born on 7 July 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He skipped his two grades, it was the only reason he completed his graduation very early at the age of 16 and it was the also one of the reasons due to which he scored poor in exams, whether it was of high school or graduation.

He was interested in music ever since he was a kid. He used to bunk his school classes and go to practice music. He started learning piano from his childhood at the age of 7. He completed his schooling from St Joseph’s at the age of 12 in Chicago. After he graduated he started to perform at YoungMedia and Young Chicago author in the wicker park.

It was these performances which gave him enough confidence to that today he can face audience and perform in front of them. Saba also has a brother who is a rapper by profession and has influenced his life and many ways.


Rapper Saba Career Life

Saba was least interested in studies. He was always attracted towards the music and raps from the age of 6 when he was in school. His career as a musician got a platform when he got to perform at wicker park. In the year 2012 his real music career started when he shared his first project GETCOMFORTable. This album was a catalogue for Saba in making a sense among people that Young’s are rising.

In 2013 Saba got a chance to work together with Chance the Rappers on his album called Acid Rap. In 2014 he created his second mixtape ComfortZone in which he describes about his surroundings and his optimistic attitude towards other people. In this album has rapped in all the songs and produced more than half of the songs. In year 2015 – 2017 Saba worked with others Rappers and singers but he didn’t makes any other mix tapes.

In 2018 he released his new album that is Care For Me. He released this album featuring Chance the Rapper and few others. He made this albums in the memory of his cousin who died in year 2017 and his old friend.

Rapper Saba Net Worth

Saba hasn’t been in the industry of music for so long so it is quite obvious that he would not have made a huge net worth like any other rappers. He has been rapping from 2012 and his fans believe that he would a made a significant Net worth of $350,000. But this very talented guy is going to make a huge net worth in the coming years because it just starting of his career and new to the rapping.

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