TankHead666 Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name


In this article, we’ll come to know about Rapper TankHead666 Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

Today we going to discuss about a rapper from the state of Florida. He is the best friend of late XXXTentacion and made a name for himself by his dynamic style of music and also continuous experiments with the Hip Hop genre. His name is TankHead666 and let’s know more about Rapper TankHead666 his Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

TankHead666 Wiki

Tankhead666 is a rising rapper from Florida, United States. It is the third largest state of the U.S. in terms of population. He was born on February 15, 1992, in the state of Florida, United States. According to his birthdate, his sun sign is Aquarius. He witnessed the same childhood as any other child would but started took interest in rapping and soon got attracted and made it a full-time company of his.

He was raised by both of his parents but the information about them is still under research and will be updated soon. Information about whether he is a single child or has siblings is still unknown and will be shared with you soon. Talking about his love life, it still wants to make an entrance in front of the world but till then we can conclude that he is single and focussing on his career. Information about his real name other than his stage name is still not available yet. Perks of running on a low profile. He has a nice build and has tattoos over his body and face each having its own story to tell.


TankHead666 Career Life

The 27-year-old rapper left an impression over the world when he released his first single “You are not Vool” featuring Kid Trunks in the year 2017. It was a great hit over the online streaming platform like Spotify, i-tunes, SoundCloud and YouTube. The song was recognized by various record labels and by the various big artist of the music industry. The song not only became the reason of his fame but also the reason for gaining him his own loyal fan base. He also came into limelight when he stated that he will avenge his best friend death (XXXTentacion) along with his friend Ski Mask the Slump God.

They posted the video online stating that they will seek revenge against the person who killed their best friend. They were recognized by the world and also got the support of various communities. He still sings songs for his best friend when he does any gig and also sings his songs sometimes. The information about whether he is signed to any record label is still unknown and will be updated soon as we get the information.

Lmaooooooo clout https://t.co/eQCmawhPKx— Tankhead666 (@Danky_Tanky) March 13, 2019

TankHead666 Net Worth

TankHead666 net worth is still a mystery to discover and we are in total contact with our sources and when we will be filled with the information about his net worth it will be updated soon. Till then quench your curiosity we can tell you the sources of his income.

He must be getting paid for the gigs which he does at various places. He also gets paid royalty from various online streaming music sites like Spotify, i-tunes, SoundCloud and also from the views which he gets over his videos uploaded on YouTube. He also get paid royalty from the advertisement on his Instagram account. His Instagram account is not verified yet but he has a following of around 150K and is continuously growing because of his hard work and determination.

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