Twitch MrSavage Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name


Twitch MrSavage Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name

Today we are going to discuss a teen gamer who is from the country Norway. He earned fame and fans at such a tender age all because of his gaming skills and strategic approach to conditions. He is a Fortnite streamer on the streaming platform Twitch. His name is Twitch MrSavage and let’s know more about Twitch MrSavage Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Girlfriend.

Twitch MrSavage Wiki

Twitch MrSavage is a Twitch star from the country Norway of the European continent. Out of the virtual world, he goes by the name Martin Anderson. He was born on 12th November 2004 and at the age of 15, he has accomplished more than any of the other children of his age.

He was raised in Norway by both of his parents, but the information about the name and where they from is still not available and will be brought to you soon. It is confirmed that he hasn’t completed his high school and graduation as he is just 15 but the information about that from where he is doing his schooling is still not known yet.

Since he lives such a private life so it’s very hard to predict that he is a single child or has siblings but for now we may assume that he is a single child. Talking about his love life so it’s not confirmed yet that he is single or is in a relationship but since there is no proof of it so we can assume that he is single and is concentrating on his career.


Twitch MrSavage Career

Martin started his professional streaming career in the year 2018. He started streaming in May and as of February 2019, he had approximately 4K followers on his twitch account. He made a great impact on the younger generation with his skills and also he has gained so much fame in such less time which is a living example of his skills and numbers are still growing.

He started his career by playing for team Public enemy but he left the team just after 2 months playing from it, but he won the POG solo tournament in just two months after starting off his career, it was his biggest breakthrough and he gained many followers and many gamers recognized his potential. After leaving Public Enemy he played solo and joined another team in Jan 2019 named NRG Esports.

He has over a million views on his twitch account. He streams accordingly but he doesn’t have any specific time for it.

Twitch MrSavage Net Worth

Since he is very new in the gaming industry and has many milestones ahead which he had to accomplish, so it is hard to give an exact stats of his earnings. But looking at his streams so he makes roughly $5,000 from the streams which he gets from his twitch account.

He also earns from the views which he gets on his YouTube account. Twitch MrSavage net worth 2019 is under review. He also earns from the sponsor deals which he gets and royalty paychecks from the advertisement companies which hire him for advertising their product.

He is doing well in his field and we are very eager to know where his gaming career goes in the coming future and how many gamers he is going to surpass.  

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