Yung Bans Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name


In this article we will know all about Yung Bans Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.
Hip-Hop is most lovable music genre in music industry around the world. But not everyone has enough caliber to work that hard and become a rapper. Most of the Rapper’s start to write their music career in their school days. Today we have brought up with another rapper who started his career as soon he started his career. He is the one and only Yung Bans. He became famous to world on the age of 18. Bans is a star on SoundCloud and YouTube. He has also worked with the very famous rap star who recently died, he is XXXTentacion. He has also given very famous solos. It was also a time when he was a member of BlockBoys project. Let us know more about Yung Bans Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.     View this post on Instagram      


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Yung Bans Wiki

Yung Bans is an Atlanta based American rapper who was on May 25, 1999 which makes him 19 years old today. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America and raised in South side of Union City in Atlanta. Young Bans doesn’t like at all to talk about his parents so there is neither any information about his parents revealed by him nor their names. He is only child of his parents. He is also not married yet. He isn’t dating anyone as he doesn’t like a serious relationship. So Bans is officially not having any relationship with anyone. His romantic life consist of short time affairs or just a night stand. He has completed his schooling from Georgia High School. He is also looking for admission in University of Georgia for his graduation. He has also gone behind the bars in young age for unknown reason.


Yung Bans Career Life

Yung Bans was in his school when he first decided to sing. Eminem, XXXTentacion and few other rappers were his inspiration for singing. Bans posted his first song on SoundCloud which he entitled as “Keep it on Me” on January 3, 2015. His most famous songs includes Dressers, No Mercy, No Accidents and Dead faces. Before his music career he also got arrested with Che Trill for an open case. His first solo got viral 4Tspoon which was very much profitable to him as he got five millions views on it. He got thirty million plays on a collaborative song with XXXTentacion which was “ILOVEWHENTHEYRUN”. He also collaborated with famous rappers like Lil Water, Yung lean and few other famous singers. Bans has also been a member of BlockBoys with D Savage. He also has been accused for copying the sound of Thouxandbanfauni. His SoundCloud tracks included thousands of views and now he is receiving popularity all around the world he deserves.

Yung Bans Net Worth

Yung Bans is just 19 years old boy who has just completed his schooling but has given us songs which has no match. He has collaboration performance with very famous hip hop artist like XXXTentacion and Lil Water. He has few hundred thousands followers on Instagram and is about to reach 1 million followers. He also gets millions of plays on SoundCloud very easily in a very short amount of time. He also has 2 luxury cars and a luxurious house in Atlanta. Yung Bans net worth 2018 is estimated to be $500,000 easily.

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