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In this article we will know about Azealia Banks Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Boyfriend.
Music is generally loved by every person. Everyone has their own taste in music, it acts as an entertainment generally a never ending entertainment for both young and to the old. The love for a specific music form has changed over years and in today’s world the “rap” (or popularly known as the hip hop culture) is the newly loved music form some big names in this genre is Tee Grizzley and Rapper Valee. Basically features among the young generation. They have a high craze for these songs. In today’s era it’s not like only guys can perform raps, even women’s participation is also increasing in this field. The audiences not only love the rap song but also the rappers. And if the rapper is female, the craze for them increases much more. As they come with completely different ideas and also carry a unique style which is mostly followed by their female followers. The way they present themselves becomes the fashion trend.
One of such female rappers is Azealia Banks, who along with rapping also does song writing and acting. She started releasing music through MySpace. She has a huge fan following and is loved by many people. Let us know more about Azealia Banks Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Boyfriend.     View this post on Instagram      


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Azealia Banks Wiki

Born on 31 May 1991, in New York city, United states, Azealia Amanda Banks also known as Miss Bank$. She was raised by her mother along with two older sisters in Harlem. They were raised by a single parent because their father died of pancreatic cancer when Azealia was 2 years old. After their father’s death her mother became really abusive both physically and verbally. She used to hit her and her sisters with basketball bats, banged their heads towards walls and much more. Due to her mother’s violent behaviour, Banks left her home at the age of 14 and started living with her elder sister.
Banks became interested in musical theatre, dancing, acting and singing at a very young age. At the age of 16, Banks was found by an agent at production of the comedy-noir musical City of Angels, and was sent on auditions for TBS, Nickelodeon but it wasn’t success. She attended a catholic school. She was taught at LaGaurdia High school of performing arts. There she was offered many acts but got rejected everytime. Due to all these clear rejections in acting she decided to pursue her career in music.
Banks claims to be bisexual. And her nationality is American and as far as ethnicity is concerned she is of African American ethnicity.


Azealia Banks Career Life

Following her dream to become a recording artist, Banks started writing rap and R&B Songs as a creative outlet. Using YouTube as a portal, she uploaded several demo tracks. In September, 2011 Banks released her debut single as, ‘212’, as a free download from website and was officially released on 6 December 2011. The track peaked at number 12 in UK, number 14 in Netherlands and number 7 in Ireland. On 29 June 2013 Banks released another song from Broke with Expensive Taste through a performance at 2013 Glastonbury festival. On 11 July 2013 full version of ‘ATM Jam’ was released for digital download and officially released in August. Likewise she released many songs
In 2016, Banks opened up an online shopping store called Cheapy Xo dealing in skin care range, clothing and celebrity merchandise. She also performed in a handful of shows in Europe in 2017. She released two mixtapes, Fantasea in 2012 and Slay-Z in 2016. She was nominated for various awards and won the award for Best Web Born Artist by O music awards in 2011. In 2012 also she won an award for Best single by Urban Music awards. She has been very successful in her career.

Azealia Banks Net Worth

She has earned enough money through her career and also has huge fans over social media. Not only money but she also has many achievements. Azealia Banks net worth 2018 is more than $5 million.
She has been able to make this money through her hard work. Hope she will make much more in coming years. Information about her house, electronic gadgets and properties is not disclosed.

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