Barefoot Ronnie Pace Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name


Barefoot Ronnie Pace Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Real Name

In this article, we’ll come to know about Street racer Legend Barefoot Ronnie Pace Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

Today we will discuss about a Texas based street racer who has given his 25 years in this field and still working in this to pursue his dreams. Street racing is an interesting field as it allows one to hone his driving skills and display to rest of the world. Dozens of races takes places all around the world and people love to enjoy them. The name of this street racing legend is Barefoot Ronnie Pace. Let’s know more about Barefoot Ronnie Pace Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

Barefoot Ronnie Pace Wiki

Barefoot Ronnie Pace is a famous street racer. He made his way out of the ordinary street racers by his hard work and passion. He has an extroverted type personality and he gets along with everyone without any problems. He has American Nationality.

As of 2019 he is 43 years old. It is reported that he is from the state of Cowboys i.e. Texas, United States of America. His real name is not available yet and will be updated soon. It is said that the nickname Barefoot Ronnie Pace was given to him by KC’s Big Chief.

The story behind his nickname is that he hits the paddle with his bare foot and by the pace, we all know that it is relative to speed, common terminology in racing. He hasn’t revealed much about his parents and their names are still not available yet but will b updated soon.

Information about whether he is a single child or has other siblings is still not available yet but we are digging into his life and we will keep you updated with it. Talking about his love life so he is married to Emerald pace for over 28 years. She supports him in all his races and also acts as a mentor to him whenever he is in a problem.

Information about their children is that they are proud parents of two children’s a boy named Gray 25 years and a daughter Bree 23 years old, they are also grandparents of their two grandkids. They both are pursuing for their passion of racing at such age too when others have given up on their career. Let’s talk more about his Career and Net Worth.


Barefoot Ronnie Pace Career Life

The 43-year-old started taking interest in the street racing from a very young age and started taking interest in cars modification by going to garages and working as a part-time over there. He started his career by drag racing and made a name and build fame for himself also earned loyal fans for himself.

Today street racers see him as their inspiration and motivation to move forward. He and his wife are very active in the racing events and are a much known personality in this industry. He has taken part in shows like Street Outlaws racing which is aired on the Discovery channel which has helped him gain fame and fans from all over the world.

Also his way of driving barefoot while racing has made him more popular as we all know that an extraordinary talent always catches eyes of the viewers and also of the famous personalities. He has won many races and also appreciated by various judges and various big name s of the industry. Now let’s know more about his net worth.

Barefoot Ronnie Pace Net Worth

As we all know that he is in the field for over last 25 years and has earned quite a lot of money. As winners of the races win instant money. Keeping in mind this fact we can conclude that he has a good number in his net worth, but to give an exact status of his net worth as he has invested in various business like merchandise and customizing of cars so it is hard to give a correct status about his net worth.

But despite of his age he is still working not for money because street racing is his passion. And his rich experienced is quite helpful for him and also for the generation which sees him as their idol.

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