EL Chapo Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Crimes


In this article, we will know EL Chapo Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, and, Crimes.

EL Chapo, who is known as the lord of drugs is a drug dealer and a wanted criminal. He is on trial in the United States District Court for District of Eastern New York. He has been in the wanted list since the year 2001. He is also the head of the criminal organizations at Sinaloa Cartel. The criminal accusations against him are of murder, money laundering, drug dealing, racketeering and many more. But this is not just it there’s a lot more you need to know more about him. Let us reveal EL Chapo Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, and, Crimes.     View this post on Instagram      

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EL Chapo Wiki

Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera was born on December 25, 1954, in Mexico.  Although there is a lot of confusion on his date of birth as some sources say he was born on April 04 in the year 1957. He was born to Emilio Guzman Bustillos and Maria Consuelo. Talking about his father’s profession he was a cattle rancher according to some sources and according to some other, he was an opium poppy farmer. In his childhood, he used to sell oranges and was even dropped out of school in third grade to work and help his father. He was beaten regularly and in order to escape from it he used to fled away to his maternal grandmother’s house but he stood up always to his father in order to protect his younger siblings from getting beaten. His father used to sell marijuana on commercial centers and used to spend that money on liquor and women and often return with no money. Guzman got tired of his father’s activity and he decided to grow his own plantation of marijuana. He started his own plantation of marijuana at the age of 15 with the help of his cousins and by selling them supported his family. You all must be wondering why he is called “El Chapo”. “El Chapo basically is Mexican slang for short height and he got this because of his short height and physic. So this was all about his personal life and it’s been quite disturbing because he had to grow at a very early age and take over the responsibility of family as his father was useless.  So now let’s move on and have a look at his career.

EL Chapo Career Life

Guzman grew at a very early age and he had seen his father selling marijuana and he himself did in order to support his family. So drugs and other narcotics is not new for him. And as a result he entered the business of drugs, narcotics and crime. In his initial days of career he used to work under the leading crime Syndicate Mexico and was responsible for selling the drugs overseas and look over the shipment and other necessities.  Because he just entered the field he was highly ambitious and wanted things to go as planned. He also used to influence his superiors to get more and more orders of narcotics and he even was in favour of violent and serious approach while doing business. For example if any of his shipment was not on time he used to kill the smugglers without much thought. So he has established his reign over the drugs and smuggling industry very well and let’s move forward to look at EL Chapo net worth.

EL Chapo Net Worth

His drug business has made him one of the richest man of Mexico and EL Chapo net worth of $1 billion USD. Dealings in this business get you a lot of money but at the se time it is a crime and should not be promoted in any case.

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