Loski Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend


Loski Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend

In this article, we will know Loski Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, and Girlfriend.

Today we are going to discuss an English rapper from London who gained fame through his raps. He is a young boy who has just finished crossed his teenage years and has ended up in making his name all over London. It is the rapping only whose craze can be seen among the youths of today’s world. There are no fewer rappers and their lovers around the world. And if we look in today’s hip-hop world, most of the rappers started rapping in their teenage years and become famous till 20. The one whom we are talking today gained fame when he was at 18. He is none other than Loski who is one of the famous rappers of England. His music style and his music skills make himself different from others. He also worked with many famous stars. Let us reveal Loski Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, and Girlfriend.     View this post on Instagram      


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Loski Wiki

Loski is an English rapper who was born on May 6, 1999, in London, England. He is 19 years of age as of 2018. He is born in England so he holds British nationality. His birth sign is Taurus. Loski weighs 57 KGs and his height is unknown. He was raised up by his parents. Growing up from a rapper father inspired Loski to chase music as his career. The name of his father is Brixton and his mother was a member of a group called PDC and her name was Ty Nizzle. Coming from a music background encourages the person to make music his career and here both of his parents belong to the musical background. He grew up in Kennington, South London, London. He must be having some siblings about who he has not revealed any information. Coming to his relationship status, he is a 19 years old boy and he may be having a relationship with girls whose names are still not revealed by him. We have no information about his educational qualification.

Loski Career Life

Loski is the boy whose parents belongs to a musical background. His father was a rapper and he was the only reason why Loski chooses to take hip-hop as his career. He firsts started his career by gathering fame around the people of London by participating in the events of Kensington with a crew. The crew has been in various illegal issues an arrest so he started to separate himself from the crew and started to work alone. In 2016, he came up with singles like Teddy Bruckshot and Money & Beef. In 2017, he released his solo string Forest Gump and made his name popular among the world. In 2018, he once again appeared and released his mixtape Call Me Loose. After which, he entered in top charts in Top 50 of United Kingdom.

Loski Net Worth

Loski has worked only for a very short period in the rap industry. Loski worked with many rappers in the beginning of his career. He even worked with famous DJ Khaled and has also worked with many more. He has made a small amount of money through his work. Loski net worth 2018 is under review. He has considerable amount of fan following on his social media.

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