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In this article, we will know Pawel Adamowicz Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, and Net Worth.

We all have read and heard about many great leaders in the world history and many of them got assassinated because of some reasons or the other. One such leader we are talking about here is Pawel Adamowicz who was the mayor of Gdansk, Poland and recently got murdered at a public event. To know about his background and work you need to read the following sections. Let us reveal Pawel Adamowicz Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, and Net Worth.     View this post on Instagram      

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Pawel Adamowicz Wiki

Pawel Adamowiciz was born on November 2, 1965 in Poland. He was the child of Polish economist namely Ryszard and Teresa. Pawel Adamowicz age 2019 is 54 years. He has a younger brother and his family has been really loving towards him. When it comes to his educational background he studied law at the Gdansk University and he was also the leader of student movement.

Not only this he was also one of the organizers of the strike which was held in 1988 becoming head of the strike committee. So it is evident from these incidents that he has been interested into leading and managing various types of work be it strike or any other such Organisation. Also in the year 1999, he married Magdalena Abramska .

She was one of his classmates at the Gdansk University when he was pursuing his graduation in law. Later on she even became a professor of law at the same university. This beautiful couple has two daughters namely Antonina who born in 2003 and Teresa who was born in 2010. But unfortunately  he died on January 14 , 2019 at the University Clinical Centre in Gdsank , Poland. It was not a natural death instead he was assassinated by stabbing with a knife on his heart on the stage at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Event in Gdansk, though he was taken immediately to the hospital and he undergone five surgeries but unfortunately died. The assassin was arrested on the spot  and one of the police spokesman said that he has a long history of criminal records. This was one of the most horrifying acts in the history of Poland.

Pawel Adamowicz Career Life

Pawel was a Polish politician and a lawyer. He served as the mayor Of city of Gdansk since 1998 till the date of his assassination that is January 14 , 2019. His career started in 1990 when he first got elected as member of City Council in Gdansk chairing the council till 1994 in his second term and held the post till 1998 until got selected as the Mayor of Gdansk. How good he was as a mayor is evident from the facts that he received a lot of honour and appreciation for his work through great people like Pope John Paul II and even got Cross of Merit in 2003 by the then President.

Late in the year 2014 he received Cross of Freedom and Solidarity on behalf of Polish Democracy for his contributions. Recently in the year 2018 he was honorary patron of 4th Gdansk Gay Pride Parade in which he participated. He was re elected in 2018 as mayor and his term was due for 2023 tenure but as we all saw that he got assassinated before completing his tenure. So he has been a great leader and has worked immensely great for his people.

Pawel Adamowicz Net Worth

Pawel has been into power since a long time and he did that because of the confidence the people had in him and he always stood up on that too. Talking about Pawel Adamowicz net worth it is estimated to be around €22 million.

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