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In this article, we’ll come to know about Rapper Swift Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.
Today we are going to discuss about a famous rapper from the state of Michigan who found a way to rad career by starting off from the city Detroit and by facing all the challenges today serves as a member of the famous rap group “D12”. This talented and versatile made his fame not only by rapping but also by acting with famous actors like Adam Sandler. He is doing well in his career. His name is Swift and let’s know more about Rapper Swift Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Real Name.

Swift Wiki

Swift key is a rising rapper from Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. State Michigan is famous for producing gems of the modern age rapping. In the real world he goes by the name Ondre Moore, Swift is his stage name. He is also famous by other stage name which is Swift McVay. He was born on March 17, 1975. Witnessing the crime rate of Detroit city his childhood may be tough. He was raised by both his parents in Detroit, the information about his parent’s name is still not available yet but will be updated soon on our site.

He completed his education and graduation from the same city itself but the information about in which education institution he took part in is not available and still on our radar and will be brought to you soon. We still have to learn about whether he is a single child or has siblings, the information will be updated soon. Talking about his love life is still yet to illuminate before us and when it will be right on our site so stay tuned.


Swift Career Life

The 44-year-old rapper started shaping his career when he was just a child. Since the state of Michigan has a history for famous for producing great rappers from the time when Hip Hop was introduced as a genre in Music. Swift started his professional career in his early 20s. He started his career by being a member of the rap group from the Detroit city called “Da Rabeez”. The group was disbanded due to some reasons which are unknown and we are still digging into it and will be brought to you soon.

He served the group between the years 1995 to 1997. After when the group got disbanded he joined another group named “D12” which is the most famous rap group of all times not only because of their music but also because of their group members. Some of the members were, Eminem, Bizarre, Eye-Kyu, Proof, Fuzz Scoota, Mr. Porter, Bugz, Kuniva and Killa Hawk also many more. There were so many members who either died a tragic death or were kicked out.

But the group stayed strong. It is a fact that when the foundation member of the group Proof died he asked Swift to come in the group. He has also released 6 solo albums which were a great hit and also released three mixtapes and one was great a hit named “Forest Fyres Mixtape”. Apart from rapping, he has also worked as an actor and played various roles in movies like The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler.

Swift Net Worth

Currently, information about the exact status of his net worth is not available as he kept his life a low profile and likes to live a normal life. But we can get to know about the sources from where he can be earning money. Since the footstones of his career are very rich as he was a member of the famous group D12 and he also contributed in various albums of the so it can be assumed that he may be earning a huge royalty from there.

Also, he released various solo albums of his own which were a great hit and he must be getting paid by the online streaming website like Spotify, i-tunes, SoundCloud and YouTube. He also earns by the gigs he does with his group members and also by the acting which he did in various movies.

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